Russia's hackers intensify cyber attacks on AFU military mobile phones
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Russia's hackers intensify cyber attacks on AFU military mobile phones

State Special Communications

Russian hackers intensified cyber attacks on the mobile phones of the Ukrainian military. Experts talked about the specifics of the attacks and how to protect yourself.

What is known about Russian cyberattacks on AFU military mobile devices

Russian hackers have increased the number of cyberattacks on Ukrainian military mobile devices.

In the second half of 2023, hackers associated with the GRU of the Russian Federation actively used messengers and social engineering to spread malicious software," the report said.

In particular, during attacks, Russian hackers do the following:

  • use legitimate products as disguises: Hackers disguised spyware as legitimate software installers, such as the Nettle situational awareness system;

  • spread malware through Signal and Telegram: attackers used these messengers to distribute malicious files, disguising them as cyber security instructions from CERT-UA;

  • react and adapt quickly: hackers quickly responded to new protection methods and developed new attack vectors;

  • target Windows software: most messenger attacks were aimed at distributing Windows malware, as many military personnel use desktop versions of messengers;

  • use decoy files: attackers distributed malicious programs in the form of Zip or Rar archives, disguising them as updating certificates for the Delta situational awareness complex.

What to do and how to protect yourself from Russian cyberattacks

The State Intelligence Service advises against Russian cyberattacks following:

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