The European Commission declares the impossibility of meeting the conditions of Polish farmers
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The European Commission declares the impossibility of meeting the conditions of Polish farmers

Protests by Polish farmers

The Vice-President of the European Commission, Valdis Dombrovskis, declares that it is impossible to fulfill the conditions of Polish farmers who continue to block the border with Ukraine.

Why the EC cannot fulfill the conditions of Polish farmers for unblocking the border with Ukraine

Dombrowskis notes that even with theoretical agreement with the demands of Polish farmers, it remains unclear what exactly needs to be done.

If you look at this situation, it raises a lot of questions. After all, Poland has already unilaterally banned the import of Ukrainian grain into Poland itself. So the question arises, why are they protesting against grain from Ukraine, if it is already banned? Prohibit what is already prohibited? - asks Dombrovskis.

He emphasized that it is possible to argue about the legality of such a ban. At the same time, representatives of the European Commission sent a warning letter to Poland, Hungary and Slovakia.

The European Commission is ready to sue Poland in the event of continued blocking of the Ukrainian border

If the situation there does not improve, we are also ready to go further and launch a violation procedure against these countries, - warns the vice-president of the European Commission.

According to him, Brussels has already proposed extending the trade liberalization agreement until June 2025, including additional guarantees for such sensitive agricultural products as poultry and sugar.

Other measures have been taken - for example, the ability to respond in case of violations in one or more EU member states. So, in a sense, these things should reassure farmers in Poland. But work on solving this issue continues, Dombrovskis emphasized.

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