The chief of the Pentagon unexpectedly arrived in Ukraine
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The chief of the Pentagon unexpectedly arrived in Ukraine

US Department of Defense
Lloyd Austin

On the morning of November 20, it was officially announced that the US Secretary of Defense chief, Lloyd Austin, had arrived in Kyiv.

The head of the Pentagon is already in Kyiv

Ukrainian Telegram channels began to publish the first photos of Lloyd Austin at the Kyiv railway station.

The head of state Volodymyr Zelenskyy team has not yet commented in any way on the arrival of the head of the US Ministry of Defense.

However, Lloyd Austin has already explained why he decided to visit Ukraine and shared a new photo.

Today I am here to convey an important message — the United States will continue to support Ukraine in its struggle for freedom against Russian aggression, both now and in the future, the chief of the Pentagon emphasized.

Why the US has problems with aid to Ukraine

Recently, it officially became known that most of the military aid programs to Ukraine from the USA have currently lost funding, and it is necessary to look for new ways of funding.

According to Daria Kaleniuk, executive director of the Anti-Corruption Center, some military aid programs have been exhausted.

The USAI program, which buys weapons for Ukraine, has no funding. And at the moment it is not critical, but in weeks, and even more — in months, we will feel this situation at the front. That is, our military will feel it. We need to understand in a very mature way that there is a problem for Ukraine in the States, she explained.

It should also not be forgotten that a few days ago, American leader Joe Biden signed a bill on short-term government funding, which does not include support funding for either Ukraine or Israel.

He was forced to do so to avoid a shutdown.

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