Ukraine's Ground Forces speaker: Russian army can't launch a new offensive on Kharkiv, stuck in attempts to advance
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Ukraine's Ground Forces speaker: Russian army can't launch a new offensive on Kharkiv, stuck in attempts to advance

AFU Artillery

According to the AFU Ground Forces Command speaker, Volodymyr Fityo, there is currently no threat of a new offensive by the criminal army of the Russian Federation in the direction of Kharkiv.

What is known about the situation in the Kharkiv region

This information is repeatedly heard from the mouths of various officials from abroad, analytical groups. I can reassure the people of Kharkiv: in order to go to Kharkiv again, it is necessary to carry out a number of measures, which will be carried out inconspicuously for us, it is practically impossible for our intelligence. To go to Kharkiv, they need to gather very large forces, which they do not have. The livestock of the Russian army, which is located on the northern border, in the Kupyan direction, we control, we see their movements. Accordingly, so far there is no threat to Kharkiv from the north, — stressed Fityo.

He emphasised that Kharkiv is protected from the north by engineering fortifications and units of the Ukrainian military.

The situation is under control, there are no reasons for Kharkiv residents to worry, — assured Fityo.

What is known about the situation in the Kupyansk region

According to Ivan Tymochko, AFU Land Forces Reservist Council chief, in his comments to the journalists of the Espresso channel, the criminal army of the Russian Federation is currently trying to surround the Ukrainian military in the Kupyansk region.

In particular, heavy fighting continues north of the city.

Heavy fighting continues, as it did last week. This is due to the fact that the Russians are trying to cross Chasiv Yar, to the side of the Oskil reservoir. Conventionally speaking, the occupiers from the north are trying to surround our troops, the military officer explains.

According to him, the enemy is trying to carry out offensive operations, and the Lymano-Kupian direction should not be considered a separate attack direction by enemy forces.

According to him, the Russian occupiers are taking several measures to regain control of the territories lost last and this year.

To fulfill Putin's tasks, the occupiers must show any victories so that he presents himself as a military strategist before the elections in the Russian Federation. Of course, it is quite difficult for our fighters, but there is no panic in the Armed Forces, only motivation. Even small tactical successes that the Russians tried to demonstrate are usually returned by our Armed Forces, or the enemy cannot gain a foothold there, Tymochko emphasises.

He emphasised the information in the daily reports of the General Staff that the criminal army of the Russian Federation loses about a thousand people killed every day.

In addition, the Ukrainian military destroys a large number of enemy artillery.

It won't get easier for the fighters now. The intensity of the fighting will continue until we wipe out the Russian offensive unit and the potential they have concentrated, — explains the military.

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