Ukrainian hackers destroy servers of Russian Moskollektor
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Ukrainian hackers destroy servers of Russian Moskollektor

Source:  Ukrinform

Hackers from Ukraine liquidated the servers of the company responsible for the critical infrastructure of the capital of the Russian Federation.

The IT infrastructure of "Moskollektor" was destroyed by Ukrainian hackers

According to sources, "Moskollektor", whose servers were destroyed by Ukrainian hackers, is responsible for the operation of underground water pipes, communication cables, power cables and heating networks of the capital of the Russian Federation.

Ukrainian hackers turned off 87,000 sensors of various warning systems throughout Moscow and the Moscow region.

In addition, 70 servers and at least 90 terabytes of company data were destroyed, including:

  • emails,

  • backups,

  • contracts

Sources report that this was an operation by the hacker group BLACKJACK, which is close to the cyber department of the Security Service of Ukraine.

Now the operation of the object of critical infrastructure of Moscow is completely blocked, the company cannot respond to accidents and emergency events. Restoration of its functioning may take from 15 to 30 days.

Other cyber attacks by Ukrainian hackers

Ukrainian hackers regularly attack popular Russian resources, payment systems, or state-owned enterprises.


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