Woman killed in Russian artillery strike in Sumy region
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Woman killed in Russian artillery strike in Sumy region

Sumy OVA

On Wednesday, May 15, Russian terrorists shelled the Sumy region with artillery and MLRS.

What is known about the shelling of the Sumy region

A local resident born in 1964 died as a result of hostile artillery shelling and MLRS fire on the territory of the Esman community in Shostka district,’ the statement said.

It is also known about the fire of a residential building on the territory of the Esman community. All necessary services are available on site.

We urge residents of the border to take advantage of evacuation opportunities. Save your life and that of your relatives, — emphasised in the administration.

Is there a threat of an offensive by the Russian army in Sumy region

According to Defense Express military analyst Ivan Kyrychevskyi, the occupation army of the Russian Federation may try to launch an offensive in the Sumy region, but will not achieve any significant success.

As for the current scenarios in the Sumy region, we will have to start from the first words of the head of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, Budanov, who outlined a scenario that the Russians will probably try to attack in the Kharkiv region for another 3-4 days to stretch the line of defence of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and then the enemy will try to attack the Sumy region. But we can make an adjustment to the fact that if the Russians do attack the Sumy region, the fighting will be on a smaller scale because the Russians have concentrated a group of about 10,000 bayonets there,’ the analyst explains.

Kyrychevskyi also emphasised that the occupation army of the Russian Federation involved about 30,000 invaders in the offensive in the Kharkiv region.

However, this was not enough even to break through to Vovchansk.

Based on the reports of the General Staff of Ukraine that separate groups of Russians tried to infiltrate the outskirts of Vovchansk, but were knocked out, it is obvious that a hypothetical Russian operation in the Sumy region will not have a significant scale, the analyst concludes.

He emphasised that at present everything will depend not even on the number of enemy forces, but on how much the front line will increase.

That is, we will have to distribute the same amount of ammunition, equipment and reserves as before, the analyst explains.

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