WSJ predicts the most difficult phase of Israel's war against Hamas
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WSJ predicts the most difficult phase of Israel's war against Hamas

the war in Gaza

The Wall Street Journal draws attention to the fact that the Palestinian-Israeli war has been going on for more than six weeks. However, according to journalists, we have not yet seen the most dangerous phase of this war.

How events in the Middle East may develop

The Wall Street Journal learned from its insiders in the IDF, as well as authoritative analysts, that the most challenging phase of Israel's war against Hamas is yet to come.

According to journalists, official Tel Aviv has decided to shift the focus of its military campaign to the South of Gaza.

It is there that the IDF will be forced to face the most challenging phase of the six-week war, as it plans to defeat the militants as quickly as possible and rescue all the hostages.

In recent days, Israeli commanders have signaled a shift to the South, suggesting that many Hamas fighters fled there when Israeli forces entered, and that some leaders hid in densely populated cities or in underground tunnels, where there are fewer airstrikes and less fighting, the newspaper writes.

What is known about the successes of the IDF in Gaza

Israeli soldiers managed to take control of most of the northern part of Gaza.

However, it will take a long time for the IDF to destroy not only all Hamas leaders but also their military potential.

There is also the risk that terrorists in southern Gaza will be more determined to fight than they were in the north.

According to one of the insiders of the publication, the hostages are the best trump card that the leaders of Hamas have to survive the movement of Israel to the South.

In addition, IDF operations in southern Gaza will be complicated by the large number of civilians. After all, in mid-October, the Israel Defense Forces called on civilians to evacuate to southern Gaza.

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