Zelenskyy hold Staff meeting amid the latest Russian missile attack
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Zelenskyy hold Staff meeting amid the latest Russian missile attack

Volodymyr Zelenskyi
Volodymyr Zelenskyy

On January 9, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy held the Supreme Commander-in-Chief's Staff meeting. It analysed the latest Russian attacks and the effectiveness of the AFU Air Force.

What was discussed at the Staff meeting

According to Zelenskyy, the main directions and operations commanders were personally present at the meeting.

Together with them, the General Staff, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Strategy and Industry, and the Ministry of Information and Communications discussed in detail the topic of providing the front with shells and drones. Actual costs, daily requirement, distribution between departments.

Current and future contracts, assistance from partners, own production, and the opening of new lines were also systematised at Staff meeting.

We do everything to provide the soldiers with everything they need to complete their tasks.

The topic of air defence was also discussed. Zelenskyy added that the latest Russian strikes and the effectiveness of the Air Force were analyzed at the meeting.

We agreed on our next steps to strengthen the protection of cities, communities, enterprises and critical infrastructure facilities.

Russian missile attack on January 8: what is known

On January 8, Russian troops used X-101/X-555/X-55/X-22 cruise missiles and Shahed-136/131 kamikaze drones against Ukraine. It was possible to shoot down 18 out of 24 targets.

The spokesman of the Air Force, Yuriy Ignat, explained on the telethon air why it was impossible to shoot down all the missiles.

Today there was a large number of ballistic missiles fired over the territory of Ukraine. These are "Kinzhals" and missiles that enter the target by ballistics, that is, the Kh-22 missile, 6 "Iskanders", S-300, S-400 missiles — these are all things that fly on a ballistic trajectory, he explained.

Ignat adds that such enemy targets can be shot down only by means capable of doing so — for example, Patriot systems.

Yes, I would like to shoot down more of them, but 18 out of 24 is also a pretty good result, considering the number of air attack weapons that the enemy is launching over Ukraine.

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