A woman, 98, gets out of Russia-occupied part of Ocheretyne, walking 10 km by feet: details
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A woman, 98, gets out of Russia-occupied part of Ocheretyne, walking 10 km by feet: details

Police of Donetsk region
A resident of Ocheretyne

98-year-old Lidia Stepanivna walked about 10 km from Ocheretyne in the Donetsk region to the unoccupied territory. She has already received the necessary help.

The grandmother independently left the occupied Ocheretyne

The National Police reported that the Russians destroyed the house, which the resident of Ocheretyne built with her own hands, and her relatives were injured.

Escaping from the occupiers, the 98-year-old woman did the impossible.

Lidia Stepanivna walked all day without food or water, fell several times without strength and, as she says, "fell asleep." Kept on two sticks and "on character". In the midst of the fighting, the pensioner miraculously remained alive and unharmed.

In the evening, the military saw the woman on the road and handed her over to the "White Angel" police group.

The police took the resident to a shelter for evacuees, where she was cared for. Currently, law enforcement officers are looking for the woman's relatives.

Lidia Stepanivna is feeling well after the "march throw".

I survived that war and I am going through this war. I was left with nothing. But I left my Ukraine on my feet, says the woman.

The police of Donetsk region remind: evacuate in time, do not risk your life, and the "white angels" will take care of your safe departure.

Hotlines of evacuation groups "White Angel" in the following directions:

  • Avdiivka — 066-56-19-102

  • Bakhmut — 066-56-15-102

  • Velyka Novosilka — 066-56-11-102

  • Lyman — 066-56-16-102

  • Mariinka — 066-56-10-102

An 88-year-old older man independently left the occupied part of the Donetsk region

It was previously reported that 88-year-old Ukrainian grandfather Ivan Yakovych in the Donetsk region refused to obtain Russian citizenship under duress.

All night, Mr. Ivan went to some kind of moving house. Since there were shellings, he was forced to wait them out. And then he went on. He only had a pension certificate and a backpack with things. Ukrainian passports were taken away from him and his neighbors by the occupiers, said the head of the Donetsk RMA, Vadym Filashkin.

Volunteers met Ivan Yakovych in Ukraine-controlled territory and helped him reach Pokrovsk. Then, they decided to evacuate him to a temporary shelter in Dnipro.

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