AFU confirms Russian May 26 missile strike on Zaporizhzhia airport
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AFU confirms Russian May 26 missile strike on Zaporizhzhia airport

OK "South"

On May 26, Russian troops hit Zaporizhzhia International Airport with a cruise missile. There is destruction of the terminal.

Russia hit the Zaporizhzhia airport with a missile

The fact of missile terror of the Russian Federation was confirmed in the press service of the Operational Command "South".

Yesterday, the enemy carried out a missile strike with an Kh-59 cruise missile against the Zaporizhzhia International Airport.

The OC noted that the terminal was damaged due to the attack, and no one was injured.

Ivan Fedorov, the head of Zaporizhzhya OVA, also wrote about another act of terrorism by the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

The military of the Russian Federation dealt another blow to the civil infrastructure of Zaporizhzhia. This time, they aimed at the airport. Fortunately, no one was hurt. And we will rebuild everything else. The only question is how much more evidence the world needs to stop a terrorist country.

Ivan Fedorov

Ivan Fedorov

head of Zaporizhzhia RMA

Russia hit the airport in Zaporizhzhia

On May 26, the Russian occupation army struck the airport in Zaporizhzhia on the 10th anniversary of the start of the fighting for the Donetsk airport.

The airport building is damaged. Ukrainian MP Musa Magomedov wrote about it.

In a separate hell, for those who destroy our airports, the gates of freedom, there is definitely a separate personal hell. We will rebuild... and take revenge for them too. For Donetsk, for Luhansk, for Zaporizhzhia...

There are currently no official reports of casualties.

Note that around 15:45 the Air Force warned of a high-speed target on Zaporizhzhia. Within a few minutes, "Suspilne" reported about the explosions.

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