AFU hits air defence system on Russia's territory after permission to use Western weapons - video
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AFU hits air defence system on Russia's territory after permission to use Western weapons - video

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Footage of the consequences of Ukraine's attack on the S-300/400 air defence system in the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation appeared online.

What is known about AFU's aftermath strike on Russian military targets?

According to Russian media, the strike was carried out using HIMARS surface-to-air missiles on June 1-2.

Perhaps it is about the attack on the Korochan district of the Belgorod region on June 2.

As noted, then the place of deployment of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation was attacked, and several units of military equipment were burned.

Already during the extinguishing of the fire, the ammunition detonated, which led to the death of the secretary of the security council of the district, Igor Nechiporenko, wounding of the heads of the administration and rural settlements, and three servicemen of the Russian Ministry of Defence.

AFU is already attacking the territory of Russia with HIMARS

The Ukrainian military began attacking the targets of the occupation army of the Russian Federation on the territory of the aggressor country with HIMARS surface-to-air missiles immediately after receiving permission from the United States.

Forbes journalists note that Ukraine receives high-precision munitions, aviation glide bombs, Harpoon cruise missiles, M30/31 missiles for MLRS and operational-tactical missile systems from the US.

In particular, after receiving permission from the US, the Ukrainian military aimed the HIMARS surface-to-air missile at the Russian Belgorod area.

This is a welcome step that will now allow us to better protect Ukraine and Ukrainians from Russian terror and attempts to start a war, the US president noted on the eve of the first similar attack.

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