ATESH movement explored Russian military base in occupied Crimea — photo
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ATESH movement explored Russian military base in occupied Crimea — photo

Source:  ATESH

Partisans recorded significant activity at the Russian military base in the Rosdolny Perekop district of the occupied Crimea.

What the partisans discovered during the new reconnaissance in Crimea

Agents of the movement were informed about the active transfer of military equipment to this base. A unit of the third radio engineering regiment of Air Defence (military unit 85683) is stationed there.

In addition, there is an increase in the number of personnel, which indicates preparation for the strengthening of the military presence, the report says.

The partisans also published the coordinates of this military base of the occupiers: 45.46413, 33.28379.

What is the situation in Crimea?

The Russians began evacuating their military personnel from Janka and actively restoring airfields in the peninsula's interior.

As the partisans point out, various units of the Russian Armed Forces report that Russian troops have begun evacuating part of their personnel with Dzhanka.

At the same time, the restoration and modernisation of airfields in the depths of Crimea, such as Kirovskoe (in the Feodosia region) and Bagerove (in the Kerch region), has begun at an active pace.

However, despite their best efforts, they will not soon be able to build closed shelters for their aircraft. The reason lies in the complex technological processes, the high cost of construction and significant time costs.

The movement emphasises that the actions of the occupiers indicate their desire to disperse their troops and equipment in Crimea on the eve of new successful attacks by the Armed Forces.

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