In Lithuania, the scenario of Ukraine's victory in the war against the Russian Federation was named
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In Lithuania, the scenario of Ukraine's victory in the war against the Russian Federation was named

Ingrid Šimonite

The Prime Minister of Lithuania, Ingrid Šimonite, called on Ukraine's Western partners to increase aid to Kyiv and not to be afraid of Russia's defeat in the criminal war unleashed by it.

What scenario is offered in Lithuania for the victory of Ukraine

The formula for defeating an aggressor is quite clear: peace through strength. If we mobilize our efforts and begin to believe in victory, we will be able to ensure peace in Europe, which will finally prevail, — noted Shimonite.

She also added that the combined GDP of the Northern European and Baltic countries is higher than that of Russia. And with regard to NATO and G7 member countries — even more so.

The outcome of the Russian Federation's war against Ukraine will shape not only the Euro-Atlantic, but also the global security order. The world's democracies will not be safe where a country with imperialist ambitions threatens its neighbors; where mass atrocities of war go unpunished; where the "Russian peace" continues or freezes the genocidal war on its own terms, the Prime Minister of Estonia emphasized.

What Lithuania expects from allies at the NATO summit in Washington

According to her, the NATO summit in Washington will also be evaluated by real decisions regarding Ukraine's membership in the Alliance.

Ukraine needs NATO as much as NATO needs Ukraine. The future membership of Ukraine will significantly strengthen the military capabilities of the Alliance, as the Armed Forces are capable of resisting a full-scale Russian invasion, — emphasized Shimonite.

The Prime Minister of Estonia noted that the scenario that took place last year at the NATO summit in Vilnius, when Kyiv did not receive an invitation to the Alliance, should not be an option.

How much ammunition will Ukraine be able to get from Western partners

According to the military expert, the head of the Center for Military Legal Research, Oleksandr Musienko, on the air of the telethon, Ukraine, with the help of Western partners, is getting out of a critical situation due to an acute shortage of ammunition and at some point can reach parity with the occupying army of the Russian Federation.

I think that in principle now we are leaving that phase which was really critical. Because what we had with support... We understand how heroically our soldiers held their positions at the same time, — notes the expert.

He noted that Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin expected that the EU countries would wait for a decision from the US and would not rush to help Ukraine.

However, the partner countries did the opposite.

I counted. If all that is now in the public space and announced by our partners is 1.5 million Czech projectiles — 800 thousand have been found, and they say another 700 thousand can, that is 1.2 million in total from the entire European Union, which can be provided until the end year That's 2.7 million shells, if everything works out, because anything can happen. But it's not bad. This equalizes the situation in artillery, we will reach parity with the enemy in terms of artillery. At least in terms of shells, because we need both barrels and additional systems, — noted the analyst.

In addition, drones now play a huge role. According to the expert, it is about Ukrainian production and supply from partners.

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