Lithuania sends Ukraine ammunition and drones as new military aid
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Lithuania sends Ukraine ammunition and drones as new military aid


Lithuania provided the Armed Forces of Ukraine with ammunition, anti-drone weapons, UAVs, generators and folding beds.

Lithuania has sent new military aid to Ukraine

This batch of aid is being provided to Ukraine as part of Lithuania's ongoing military support.

This was reported by the press service of the Lithuanian military.

It is specified that, in particular, it refers to 5.56×45 mm ammunition and 100 kW generators.

The Lithuanian Ministry of Defence also reminds that this year, in response to Ukraine's requests, the Baltic country has already supplied 155 mm ammunition, M577 armoured personnel carriers, drone countermeasures, warm clothing and equipment for the winter season, ammunition for the Carl Gustaf anti-tank grenade launcher, RISE-1 remote detonation systems, generators, L-39ZA Albatross light attack aircraft and other military equipment.

Lithuania's support for Ukraine is long-term and already amounts to one billion euros. At the same time, military support amounted to about EUR 616 million. About EUR 95 million in aid has already been provided this year.

Lithuania will purchase radars for Ukrainian air defence

New aid to Ukraine is being discussed in Lithuania.

This was stated by Lithuanian Defence Minister Laurynas Kasciunas at a meeting of EU foreign and defence ministers.

Lithuania aims to fill another gap in Ukraine's air defence — we will buy radars. We are currently reviewing our priorities in order to contribute to Ukraine's security with airborne radar systems as soon as possible. All options for the purchase of air defence equipment should be urgently used and implemented.

The Minister noted that he had recently visited Ukraine and confirmed that air defence needs are the most urgent priority for Ukraine.

He added that Ukrainians lack not only air defence systems but also ammunition.

In a few months, Ukraine will probably face a shortage of ammunition again. Therefore, it is necessary to look for opportunities for the immediate provision of ammunition. There is currently a good opportunity for this in international markets.

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