More terrible than Hitler regime: Partisan tells about torture of Ukrainians by Russians
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More terrible than Hitler regime: Partisan tells about torture of Ukrainians by Russians

Torture chamber

The Russians in the temporarily occupied territories (TOT) are abusing Ukrainians worse than the German Nazis during World War II.

How the occupiers of Russia abuse Ukrainians in the Russian-occupied territories

In an interview with Online.UA, Artem “Skhidnyi” Karyakin, a member of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and a partisan, described the torture Ukrainians are subjected to in the TOT.

According to Artem Karyakin, the torture of Ukrainians by the Russian occupiers is even more terrible than in was in Hitler’s ghettos.

When we go to Donetsk and Luhansk regions, when we find tens of thousands of graves with bodies simply cut into pieces, I think the world will learn that this is much worse than even the Hitler regime and the ghetto. I myself survived the occupation and can speak about what I saw and know from my own experience.

Artem "Skhidny" Karyakin

Artem "Skhidny" Karyakin

Military serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and partisan

According to the soldier of the Ukrainian armed forces, the occupiers can put people in the basement for any reason.

Starting with a pro-Ukrainian position on the transfer of intelligence, ending with a simple domestic quarrel with a collaborator who will simply turn you in, the appropriate people will come and take you to the basement.

At first, they have preventive detention, the “basement”. That is, a person is taken quietly, without being transferred anywhere, neither to the official FSB, nor to the prosecutor's office, nor to the court. For two months, the person is kept in the “basement”, beaten and subjected to all kinds of torture. The person confesses to all the troubles that are happening in this basement. And only then he is taken back. They film a real detention, supposedly real. And then they hand him over to the investigation,’ said Artem Karyakin.

Russia manipulates the lives of Ukrainians under occupation

The Ukrainian soldier said that the Russian occupiers specially detain civilians for manipulation, trading on exchanges and pressure on Ukraine as a state.

For this reason, they have many children there who are taken to the Russian Federation under various pretexts, allegedly for guardianship or something else. To do this, they kidnap a lot of local people, ordinary people, who they have nothing on. It should be understood that the life of a Ukrainian is the most important thing they can blackmail with. Because the lives of Russians are not important to Russians. They don't care about the people who are sitting with us. They don't exchange their military personnel, they exchange criminals who fought for them. This says a lot. That is, they are less interested in military personnel than in criminal offenders. Why? Because the criminals will attack again. We cannot ignore the lives of our people. And when it comes to the two hundred civilians who have fallen into the hands of the occupiers and are being held under fake articles, we have to fight for them. And this is another lever in favour of Russia to manipulate us,’ Artem Karyakin concluded.

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