UAH 300 million was raised for "Okhmatdyt" hospital's reconstruction
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UAH 300 million was raised for "Okhmatdyt" hospital's reconstruction

Source:  UNITED24

On July 10, the fundraising campaign for the biggest Ukrainian children's hospital, "Okhmatdyt", which was partially destroyed as a result of a Russian missile strike on July 8, officially ended.

Points of attention

  • More than 320,000 people and 50 companies participated in a fundraising campaign, including Grammarly, which sent the largest donation, UAH 20 million.
  • The Russian missile attack on "Okhmatdyt" caused serious damage, people died, and sick children were injured.
  • The Okhmatdyt Hospital treats more than 20,000 children annually and has a significant impact on Ukraine's medical field.
  • Fundraising symbolised the unity of Ukrainians and people from dozens of countries.

Ukrainians and people from different parts of the world joined the gathering

On the evening of July 8, the initiative of the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, United24, together with Monobank, announced a fundraising campaign for Okhmatdyt Children's Hospital.

It is worth noting that during the first three hours, all volunteers donated more than UAH 100 million.

Although they intended to raise UAH 100 million, they decided to continue collecting after reaching the goal.

We need to make the clinic better than it was! This will be our answer to the monsters, Monobank's management stated.

As of 11:47 a.m. on July 9, 200 million hryvnias had been raised to reconstruct. Only an hour had passed, and Ukrainians had donated another 10 million.

As of 10:44 a.m. on July 10, UAH 300 million were raised to reconstruct "Okhmatdyt".

This is the fastest collection of UNITED24 and monobank. It became possible thanks to each of you. Unity is the greatest Ukrainian strength. We thank everyone who participated! — emphasised the UNITED24 team.

Over 320,000 people from 55 countries and many companies joined the fundraising.

The online platform Grammarly made the largest donation, 20 million hryvnias. About 50 companies contributed to the fund in total.

In addition, the donation campaign was supported by many Ukrainian and foreign stars.

What is essential to know about the Russian missile attack on "Okhmatdyt"

"Okhmatdyt" is the largest children's hospital in Ukraine, where over 20,000 children from all over the country are treated every year.

On July 8, the aggressor country of the Russian Federation hit it with an Kh-101 missile and destroyed the toxicology building. Four more buildings of the medical facility were damaged.

Photo: Volodymyr Zelenskyy

10 surgical departments, five oncology departments, two somatic departments, intensive care, two intensive care units, operating units, radiology and radiation therapy departments, and part of the haematology oncology laboratory were affected.

Two adults have been confirmed dead in the "Okhmatdyt" hospital. One of them is a young doctor at a medical institution. So far, 16 victims are known. Eight of them are children. 15 victims were hospitalized.

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