Putin wants to seize Baltic States, Ukrainian fighter from Latvia says
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Putin wants to seize Baltic States, Ukrainian fighter from Latvia says

Source:  online.ua

In an interview with Online.UA, an Ukrainian fighter from Latvia, Nikita Tarenov, made a forecast of when dictator Vladimir Putin might attack the Baltic States.

The Baltic region is still a target for Putin

Nikita "Latvian" Tarenov, a fighter with the 3rd Separate Assault Brigade, a volunteer from Latvia and a former Kraken fighter, predicted when Putin might attack the Baltic States.

According to the warrior, it is extremely important for the Baltic countries to start preparing for the worst possible development: not only Latvia, but also Lithuania and Estonia.

He also drew attention to the fact that Lithuania is really wasting no time and has long since begun the process of preparing for a possible invasion of the Russian Federation.

This (invasion of the Russian Federation — ed.) will happen in two ways: when they try to take over Ukraine completely, but it will not work. Or the second option — if they (the Russians — ed.) now something goes wrong with Kharkiv. They will not be able to capture Kharkiv — that is 100% impossible. We will not give it away just like that. Then they might want to grab some of the Baltics. I have such thoughts for some reason.

Nikita "Latvian" Tarenov

Nikita "Latvian" Tarenov

Fighter of the 3rd OShBr, volunteer from Latvia, ex-Kraken fighter

Latvia will go to war with Russia if Putin invades

According to the fighter of the 3rd Separate Assault Bragade, Latvians will never be able to come to terms with the Russian occupation, so they will immediately start a fight if the need arises.

He also added that there are a lot of patriots in Latvia who will not simply give up their homeland to Putin's regime.

Nikita Tarenov also confirmed that in his country children from the age of 9 can be taught how to properly handle weapons, how to navigate the terrain, treat the wounded and other important things.

If the invasion really begins (the Russian Federation — ed.), many Latvians will take up arms and fight for Latvia, Nikita Terenov said.

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