Russia begins using captured Zaporizhzhia NPP as base for Chechen militants
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Russia begins using captured Zaporizhzhia NPP as base for Chechen militants

Chechen militants

The Russian occupiers continue to use the territory of the captured Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant (ZNPP) as a military base for Chechen militants.

Chechen militants set up a shooting range in one of the premises of the captured NPP

Currently, Chechen units of the Akhmat Russian Guard (OMON and SOBR) are located at the occupied ZNPP in Energodar, which has set up a military base at the station.

In one of the rooms, the Chechens even created a shooting range.

The occupiers explain the presence of militants and their equipment at the station as the alleged protection of the object, but in fact the equipment and militants are involved in patrolling the city and in repression against Ukrainians, the National Resistance Centre statement says.

According to the mayor of the temporarily occupied Energodar Dmytro Orlov, the ZNPP has been "working as a military base" for the third year.

The personnel of the nuclear plant have to feel both psychological and physical pressure and torture by the occupiers.

Currently, about ten people are being held in occupation torture camps for their pro-Ukrainian position or simply because something was found in their phone or apartment.

Relaunch of ZNPP could lead to a nuclear disaster

Restarting the occupied Ukrainian Zaporizhzhia NPP could lead to a nuclear disaster at the facility. Greenpeace nuclear specialist Sean Burnie reported this.

In the last month, we have seen signals that Rosatom is planning to restart the Zaporizhzhia NPP. In a document handed over to the IAEA last week, the Russian government reveals its plans to build a new pumping station at the ZNPP... since the Russians destroyed the Kakhovka Dam. Water from it cooled the nuclear power plant.

Bernie noted that at the moment, there are no trained and experienced Ukrainian personnel working at the NPP; from time to time, the NPP is completely de-energised; that is, there have been no safe conditions at the facility for a long time. And with a restart, the security level will be even lower.

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