Russia claims a drone attack on Oryol region
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Russia claims a drone attack on Oryol region


Russian mass media wrote that the drone on a gas station in Livny, Oryol region, damaged part of the facade. Another drone, according to the Russians, also got down at the same station when operatives arrived there to eliminate the consequences.

What is known about the drone attack on the Oryol region

According to the governor of the region, Klychkov, this morning, there was allegedly a "massive attack" on the Oryol region. During this attack, a UAV "fell" on the territory of a gas station in Livny.

According to the governor, part of the facade of the administrative building was damaged. Employees of operational services and the city administration arrived for "localization and elimination of cons”

During their work, another UAV allegedly drone on the territory of the gas station. According to the governor's preliminary data, the driver of the 8th regional fire department allegedly died. According to the official, three more service employees were injured. This information allows us to assume that a fire broke out at the gas station, although the Russian mass media do not write about it directly.

What is known about the latest incidents with explosions in Russia?

On May 21, opposition Russian telegram channels reported on new large-scale explosions on the territory of the aggressor country of the Russian Federation.

Telegram channel "ASTRA" wrote that a large-scale fire broke out in Voznesenovka, Belgorod region, after an UAV attack.

Huge clouds of smoke are rising over the city. He also specified that no civilians were injured as a result of the drone attack.

It is worth noting that on the morning of May 21, there was also information that Ukrainian drones attacked an oil depot.

According to the latest information, the drone attack took place on May 20. In particular, one of the drones flew to the territory of the "Yuttek" oil depot in the district village of Prokhorivka.

The gas tank was damaged. It is known in advance that the fire did not break out, and there were no casualties.

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