Russia claims drones attacked mining and processing plant in Russian Kursk region
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Russia claims drones attacked mining and processing plant in Russian Kursk region


The Russians said that the Mikhailovsky mining and beneficiation plant was allegedly attacked in the Kursk region.

What is known about the attack on the mining and beneficiation plant in Russia?

According to residents, on the night of April 11, the Mykhailovsky mining and processing plant (MPP) in Zhelezhnogorsk was attacked by drones.

The Russian MOD announced the alleged destruction of 12 drones over six regions of Russia. Shoigu claims that three drones were destroyed over the Kursk and Tambov regions, two each over the Belgorod region and Mordovia, and one more over the Bryansk and Lipetsk regions.

The governor of the Kursk region also assures that three drones were shot down but does not mention the MPP attack.

It is worth noting that a fire broke out at the Mykhailvsky Mining and Processing Plant at the beginning of March.

What is known about attacks on Russian refineries

In recent weeks, Ukraine has increasingly attacked Russian refineries with drones, which, among other things, supply fuel to the Russian military.

The goal was also to cut export revenues, which the Kremlin uses to finance the war.

On the night of April 2, Ukraine launched a drone attack on one of Russia's largest oil refineries, Taneko, which is located 1,300 km from the border with Ukraine. Its production capacity is about 360,000 barrels per day.

At the end of March, the Russian Federation registered a decrease in gasoline production — 7.4%, to 754.6 thousand tons.

CNN notes that Ukraine began using drones equipped with artificial intelligence to strike oil refineries.

According to Reuters, the drone attack on the refinery in Tatarstan became one of the largest operations in Ukraine.

British intelligence said the recent attacks knocked out at least 10% of Russian oil refinery capacity. At the same time, according to the British MOD, Russia is unlikely to be able to protect all refineries from Ukrainian attacks.

At the same time, the USA urges Ukraine not to attack Russian oil refineries. Thus, the Pentagon called Russian refineries "civilian targets".

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