Pentagon chief criticises Ukrainian strikes on Russian refineries
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Pentagon chief criticises Ukrainian strikes on Russian refineries

Source:  Bloomberg

US Defenсe Secretary Lloyd Austin believes that Ukraine's recent attacks on Russian oil refineries could affect global energy markets. He urged Ukraine to focus on "military goals".

Austin commented on Ukraine's attacks on Russian refineries

Bloomberg quotes Austin's words from a meeting of the Senate Armed Services Committee on April 9.

These attacks could have consequences for the global energy situation. Ukraine should pursue tactical and operational goals that can directly affect the current struggle.

Lloyd Austin

Lloyd Austin

Pentagon chief

Republican Tom Cotton condemned Austin's remarks, accusing the Joe Biden administration of obstructing effective action in Ukraine for political reasons.

"I don't think the Biden administration wants gas prices to go up in an election year," Cotton said.

Austin reiterated the administration's request to Congress to approve additional military aid to Ukraine. He said assistance aid also provides jobs for American workers through increased US defence production.

Strikes on Russian refineries

In recent weeks, Ukraine has increasingly attacked Russian refineries with drones, which, among other things, supply fuel to the Russian military.

The goal was also to cut export revenues, which the Kremlin used to finance the war.

On the night of April 2, Ukraine launched a drone attack on one of Russia's largest oil refineries, Taneko, which is located 1,300 km from the border with Ukraine. Its production capacity is about 360,000 barrels per day.

At the end of March, the Russian Federation registered a decrease in gasoline production — 7.4%, to 754.6 thousand tons.

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