Russia has gained foothold in Donetsk region, Ukrainian colonel says
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Russia has gained foothold in Donetsk region, Ukrainian colonel says

Source:  Interfax-Ukraine

The Russian occupiers have managed to break through and gain a foothold in Ocheretyne in the Donetsk region. However, the part where the occupiers are located is under the fire control of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The situation in Ocheretyne

The spokesperson for the Khortytsia operational and strategic grouping of troops, Lieutenant Colonel Nazar Voloshyn, reported on the situation in Ocheretyne.

Regarding Ocheretyne. The enemy broke through and gained a foothold in this settlement. The part where the enemy is located is under our fire control. We are taking measures to drive them out of there. Heavy fighting is also going on there, but the situation is under control of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Nazar Voloshyn

Nazar Voloshyn

Spokesman of OSU "Khortytsia"

Screenshot (photo:

Voloshyn noted that the Defence Forces are taking all measures to stabilise the situation in this area and return Ocheretyne under control.

To this end, additional forces and reserve assets have been deployed," Voloshyn said.

The situation at the front is the most difficult

The Khortytsia representatives added that the most difficult situation is currently in the Pokrovske and Kurakhove directions, where fierce fighting continues.

Voloshyn reminded that the Russian occupants have deployed up to four of their brigades in these areas and are trying to develop an offensive west of Avdiivka and Maryinka, trying to break through to Pokrovsk and Kurakhove.

The enemy has achieved some tactical success in these areas, but has not been able to gain an operational advantage. In order to strengthen defence in these areas and replace the units that suffered losses, we are redeploying brigades that have regained their combat capability, noted the spokesman.

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