Russia prepares hybrid provocations against Moldova before presidential vote
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Russia prepares hybrid provocations against Moldova before presidential vote

Source:  Bloomberg

Russia plans to target Moldova in a wave of so-called hybrid attacks ahead of its presidential election and a referendum on joining the European Union later this year.

Russia is preparing hybrid attacks on Moldova

As the publication notes, Great Britain will share intelligence data with the Moldovan authorities in the coming months to help them counter the threat from Russian agents, the agency's interlocutors say.

On April 30, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Moldova, Mihail Popșoi, will meet in London with the Minister of Industry and Economic Security of Great Britain, Nusrat Ghani, to discuss "subversive Russian interference" The defence ministers of the two countries will also meet.

Last month, Moldova's intelligence chief, Alexandru Musteață, warned that Moscow was planning a campaign of "unprecedented intensity."

He said his country had uncovered information suggesting Russia was seeking to derail this year's presidential election and EU referendum.

Moldova appealed to the EU amid Russia's attempts to disrupt the elections

According to the information of the Speaker of the Parliament of Moldova, Igor Grosu, Russia aimed to disrupt the presidential elections in the country and the referendum on joining the EU.

However, we are sure that Russia will try with all its might to disrupt this process. Sophisticated modern technologies using artificial intelligence and, in particular, information channels are used in order to mislead public opinion, sow panic and anxiety among the population, Grosu emphasised.

He noted that the Kremlin is trying to influence the results of the elections in Moldova and divert the country from European integration.

Representatives of the Russian Federation, with the help of their agents, are trying to destabilize the situation in Moldova and influence public opinion.

It was reported that the Kremlin planned to overthrow the pro-European government in Moldova, but it was prevented.

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