Slovenia back Czechia's proposal, allocating over €1M for ammo purchase to Ukraine
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Slovenia back Czechia's proposal, allocating over €1M for ammo purchase to Ukraine


Slovenia will support the Czech initiative to purchase artillery ammunition for Ukraine from countries outside the European Union. The government will allocate €1 million for this.

Slovenia allocates funds for ammunition for Ukraine

This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Jan Lipavsky, during a visit to Ljubljana. However, he did not name a specific amount.

According to the Slovenian news agency STA, the Slovenian government will allocate one million euros (approximately 25 million crowns).

The day before, a meeting of the Central Five informal group took place in Ljubljana, where the heads of foreign affairs of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, and Austria took part.

There, they discussed the expansion and functioning of the EU, Russian aggression against Ukraine, and migration.

Slovenia plans to further assist Ukraine in demining, reconstructing, rehabilitating, and helping children and families.

Czech Ammunition Procurement Initiative: what is known

In February, the president of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavel, announced that his country had found sources of supply of 800,000 artillery ammunition abroad.

It is about 500,000 units of 155 mm caliber ammunition and 300,000 units of 122 mm caliber.

The Netherlands, Germany and Norway have publicly announced their participation.

Canada is also ready to allocate up to 22 million dollars. Belgium, Lithuania, Portugal, Finland, and other countries will also participate in the initiative.

On March 8, Pavel announced the completion of fundraising to purchase ammunition for Ukraine. The government clarified that this is only about the first batch, which has a volume of 300,000 shells.

Later, Chekhi announced the possibility of purchasing another 200,000 artillery shells for Ukraine in addition to the 300,000, the purchase of which was financed earlier.

Artillery shells, which Prague will purchase, will probably start arriving in Ukraine in June.

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