US to sent additional $2 billion in aid to Ukraine, Blinken says
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US to sent additional $2 billion in aid to Ukraine, Blinken says

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
The US and Ukraine

The US has allocated a new package of financial aid to Ukraine. The funds will be used to purchase weapons for the Ukrainian army.

United States will provide Ukraine with $2 billion in aid

The new tranche of aid from the US will be used to strengthen the Ukrainian army.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced this during a briefing with the Foreign Minister of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, on May 15 in Kyiv.

We have additional aid, and this aid is already being delivered to Ukraine. I want to announce that we will provide an additional $2 billion in financial and military aid.

Anthony Blinken

Anthony Blinken

US Secretary of State

As the US Secretary of State noted, the funds will be allocated through the defence industry fund. This will help Ukraine purchase the necessary weapons, and it will also be an investment in Ukraine's military-industrial complex.

Blinken added that funds from the new package of financial assistance could also be used to purchase weapons in other countries.

US plans to provide Ukraine with another Patriot air defence system — Bloomberg

The United States is considering transferring another battery of Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems to Ukraine to strengthen air defence.

As the international agency Bloomberg reports with reference to informed sources, the Biden administration is working on sending an additional battery of the Patriot air defence system to Ukraine. In this way, the US and its allies are trying to satisfy the country's demand for additional air defence equipment to repel increased Russian attacks.

Sources say the US is considering supplying the Patriot battery along with the radars. Ukraine's European allies are also working on plans to send Kyiv additional air defence systems from their stockpiles, Bloomberg sources say.

The Patriot battery includes radars and control stations to detect, track and target enemy weapons, missile launchers and support vehicles. Funding for the new Patriot system is likely to come from the $61 billion aid package recently approved by Congress.

Strengthening the air defence of Ukraine is a priority for the White House after the approval of the national security package by Congress, the publication notes.

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