Why the Kremlin continues to lie about preparations for the capture of Kharkiv - an analyst's explanation
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Why the Kremlin continues to lie about preparations for the capture of Kharkiv - an analyst's explanation

Destroyed Russian Army tanks
Source:  online.ua

According to military-political analyst Oleksandr Kovalenko, Kremlin propaganda continues to support IPSO in every possible way about the alleged offensive of the occupation army of the Russian Federation on Kharkiv.

Does Russia have real resources to attack Kharkiv?

Kovalenko notes that there are currently no strike groups of the Russian occupiers on the border with the Kharkiv region.

By combining strikes on energy infrastructure, civilian objects, and the spread of panicked information waves, the Russians partially achieved their goal, but not in general. Now, the part that was affected last time is under the influence of panic fluids in connection with the formation of the "North" troop group by the occupiers. The same one that will be located near the border, in particular with the Kharkiv region, the analyst explains.

He emphasized that the Pivnich group of the occupation army of the Russian Federation is located near the border with the Kharkiv, Sumy and Chernihiv regions for the third year in a row.

What is known about the army group of the Russian army "North"

He noted that this joint group of troops performs border cover functions.

The potential of the "North" troop group:

  • personnel — about 49,500 people;

  • tanks — about 400;

  • BBM — about 900;

  • barrel artillery — about 1,000;

  • RSZV — more than 100.

To put it mildly, the group is not close to launching an attack on Kharkiv or Sumy. Yes, it's a slightly larger inventory than a month ago, but it's all concentrated along the border of more than 750 km. In the future, it can be strengthened even more by units that are currently being formed in the Russian Federation, but in general, in its current form and with what can be added to this HG, its composition is insufficient to conduct joint military operations, Kovalenko emphasized.

He noted that units of the "North" HG can be used as DRGs.

They shell the border areas of Ukraine, make attempts to penetrate into the areas near the border, attack units of Ukrainian border guards, raid border villages, plant mines and explosives.

The analyst suggested that the Russian occupiers may resort to simulating an attack on Kharkiv.

Russian troops will try to divert the attention of the Defense Forces of Ukraine from key tasks at the front. Kharkiv will probably be the target of the Russian Federation. Here, the Russian army will try to conduct diversionary actions of a distracting nature, Kovalenko does not rule it out.

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