Why the Russian army is not successful in the war against Ukraine - Godges' answer
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Why the Russian army is not successful in the war against Ukraine - Godges' answer

Destroyed Russian Army tank
Source:  Voice of America

The former commander of the US Army in Europe, retired general Ben Godges, noted that the occupation army of the Russian Federation remains limited in using its own advantage in the number of personnel, ammunition and military equipment.

Why does the Russian army suffer failures in Ukraine due to advantages in manpower and equipment

Godges noted that the criminal army of the Russian Federation uses several times more ammunition than the Ukrainian military and probably mobilizes up to 30,000 Russians for war every month.

The retired general noted that recently Western countries have been discussing the shortage of ammunition in the Ukrainian military and the loss of Avdiyivka, but almost nothing is being said about the problems in the occupying Russian army.

Avdiyivka fell 5 weeks ago, and the Russians could not take advantage of it, because they do not have the capacity, — Godges emphasized.

The Russians are not able to use the advantage in artillery and other weapons

He also noted that the superiority of the Russian occupiers in numbers of 5:1 or 10:1 is taken for granted.

Perhaps it is so in some places, but they do not have the ability to exploit it, because the Russians have lost a lot of experienced officers and sergeants. "War is not just about math and who has more men — we lost in Vietnam and in Afghanistan," explains Godges.

He noted that the Ukrainian military is much better motivated.

Ukrainians protect their Motherland, they know the area better, while Russians are occupiers and invaders. I don't think there are enough Russians who want to be there, even for one school bus, — added the retired US general.

In addition, Godges expressed doubts about the ability of the Russians to create new units.

They lost so many people. They have no way to train the new 300,000. They announce that they have created two new armies — this is a lie. They announced it, but they do not exist and they are definitely not combat-ready formations yet, — emphasizes Godges.

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