A car with Russian collaborator blows up in occupied Berdyansk
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A car with Russian collaborator blows up in occupied Berdyansk


In Berdyansk, which Russia temporarily occupies in the Zaporizhzhia region, the car of a collaborator - an employee of the correctional colony - was blown up.

A collaborator was eliminated in Berdyansk

The deputy mayor of Mariupol, Petro Andryushchenko, reported that on May 5, an employee of the occupation correctional colony was liquidated.

According to the occupiers' investigation, today an unknown person placed an improvised explosive device under the vehicle of an employee of the correctional facility, where it went off. The victim died at the scene from his injuries.

Andryushchenko notes that members of the Resistance Movement eliminated the collaborator.

The Russian Investigative Committee does not name the liquidated collaborator.

Liquidation of collaborators in Berdyansk

On March 6, an explosion occurred in the temporarily occupied Berdyansk of the Zaporizhzhia region. One of the organisers of the pseudo-elections in the temporarily occupied city was eliminated.

On February 10, in Berdyansk, local businessman-collaborator Oleksandr Galiya, who was one of the first to cooperate with the Russian invaders, was liquidated.

Before the full-scale war, Galiy was involved in the processing of garbage and the sale of tobacco products, and after the occupation of Berdyansk, he changed his activities somewhat — he helped the Russians to take the business and property of the Berdyansk people, while simultaneously reporting to the occupying authorities about Ukrainian patriots, the Berdyansk City Military Admistration reported.

On October 23, 2023, a car containing four employees of the Russian special service was blown up in the city. Among them is a war criminal who abused the local population.

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