AFU disrupts Russian offensive near Avdiivka — Bild
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AFU disrupts Russian offensive near Avdiivka — Bild

Source:  Bild

According to the data of German journalists, Ukrainian defenders were able to stop the advance of the Russian invaders on another part of the front in the Donetsk region.

Russian soldiers could not break through near Avdiivka

The Bild editors noted that 2 weeks ago, the Russian army made a breakthrough to the northwest of Avdiivka, passing 3 km deep into the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the village of Ocheretyne.

Later, the Russian invaders expanded the bridgehead, capturing the villages of Solovyove, Arkhangelske, Keramik, Novokalynove, and Novobakhmutivka.

However, as of May 15, the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were able to transfer reinforcements to this area and stop the offensive of the Russian Armed Forces.

Photo: Bild

According to the analyst of the German publication Julian Röpke, it is visible that in the areas where the Western shells arrived, the Ukrainian defenders managed to stop and restrain the Russians, as was the case until December 2023.

But even near Avdiivka, where the Ukrainians rely on their own kamikaze drones, they practically managed to stop the Russians in the last two weeks. They can no longer advance, the front has mostly stabilised, the expert emphasised.

What is known about the situation at the front on May 15

The Russian invaders are concentrating their efforts on the Kupyan and Pokrovsky directions. There, they carried out 52 attacks on the soldiers of the Armed Forces.

Ukrainian soldiers are restraining the enemy, means of fire damage and unmanned systems are actively working.

The Russian army also struck the city of Mykolaiv and the centre of Kherson.

There were four combat clashes in the Kharkiv direction. The enemy is trying to push our units in the Vovchansk area. Our soldiers are fighting back, firing at the damage, and in the city they continue to comb the northwestern outskirts, - reports the AFU General Staff.

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