AFU forcing occupants to flee back to Russia after losses in Kharkiv region, Ukrainian officer says
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AFU forcing occupants to flee back to Russia after losses in Kharkiv region, Ukrainian officer says

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According to Oles Malyarevych, the deputy commander of the "Achilles" strike drone battalion of the 92nd Separate Air Assault Bridage, the Ukrainian military is repelling the Russian invaders' attempts to advance in Vovchansk and toward Lyptsi in the Kharkiv region.

AFU brings the Russian offensive in the Kharkiv region closer to complete failure

We work closer to Liptsi, in Vovchansk only some of our units were involved. They are trying to advance, to take these lines, but they do not succeed, the task on the defensive line is carried out, at the first opportunity, tactical counter-offensive actions are always taken in order to return or seize positions, — said Oles Malyarevich.

According to him, the enemy has concentrated many personnel and military equipment in these areas.

However, the military officer noted the successful actions of the Ukrainian military forces units of the occupying army to withdraw to Russian territory for recovery.

According to the deputy commander of the 92nd Separate Air Assault Bridage, the US decision of the USA to strike with American weapons on the territory of Russia is very important, because now it is possible to use HIMARS on targets in the Russian Federation.

It is necessary to push through their support, their S-300, S-400 launchers, all supply chains, because they are moving towards the border calmly, crossing the border, several kilometers and already on the line of contact. We could not work quickly, now we can. In Donbas, we understood that there were the first, second, and third lines of rear support, they were working on these types of weapons that can be obtained, but here there was no such thing — only the first line, now the second, the third will arrive from them, — noted Malyarevich .

What is known about the situation in the Vovchansk and Lyptsi regions

According to Nazar Voloshyn, the OSTG "Khortytsia" speaker, the Ukrainian military currently controls about 70% of the territory of Vovchansk.

Heavy fighting continues in the city and its surroundings.

Voloshyn emphasised that the Russian occupiers were unsuccessfully trying to advance in small infantry groups toward Lyptsi.

In an effort to support its active assault actions, the enemy is trying to maneuver reserves, in particular, the movement of units in the area of the state border line, which belong to the 155th Separate Brigade of Marines of the Pacific Fleet, 44th Army Corps. However, these forces are currently not enough for a full-scale offensive and a breakthrough in our defense, — said OSTG "Khortytsia" spokesman.

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