ATESH movement informs Russian occupiers began to move their troops into occupied Mariupol
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ATESH movement informs Russian occupiers began to move their troops into occupied Mariupol

Source:  ATESH

The Russian army began to move its units in occupied Mariupol, seeking to avoid strikes by the Defence Forces of Ukraine.

ATESH investigated the situation in occupied Mariupol

As the partisans point out, the occupiers of the Russian Federation are trying to settle in residential buildings, hospitals and schools, which poses a threat to the civilian population and demonstrates their inhumane attitude towards civilians.

We continue to monitor and observe the activities of Rashists in the occupied territories. We are carefully watching every step of the enemy and are ready to act in favor of freedom and independence, reports ATESH movement

What is the situation in Mariupol?

Russian troops captured Mariupol and the district in the spring of 2022 after months of fierce fighting. After that, the occupiers made the destroyed city their military base.

According to satellite images published online, the Russian occupiers wanted to connect Mariupol with Russian Rostov, Taganrog and other large cities in Donbas. They have already started building the road.

The new railway branch to the south of Donetsk, almost 60 km long, was built in eight months.

Despite this, there are occasional explosions in Mariupol. So, on April 24, at least 12 explosions rang out in the city. No hits were recorded in the city.

Heard all areas of the city and the coast. It is also reported that raskat could be heard as far as Berdyansk. At the same time, a missile threat was announced in the south, but no air warning signals were sounded (which is, in principle, the norm for Russians), said the adviser to the mayor of Mariupol Petro Andryushchenko.

According to Andryushchenko, half an hour after the explosions, the Russian public reported on "Tornado-S missiles with a range of up to 300 km in the city of Kurakhove."

The mayor's adviser noted that the cause of the explosions is being established.

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