ATESH uncovers Russian army radio relay station in occupied Crimea — photo
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ATESH uncovers Russian army radio relay station in occupied Crimea — photo

Radiolocation station
Source:  ATESH

Partisans conducted a new reconnaissance in Crimea. In particular, they discovered a valuable radio relay station of the occupiers of the Russian Federation.

Points of attention

  • Guerrillas discovered a radio relay station of the Russian Federation in Crimea, which was taken into service in 2018.
  • Russian troops seized Crimea in 2014 and turned the peninsula into a crucial military hub.
  • Ukrainian Defense Forces continue to stop Russian incursions and track the movement of air defence systems in occupied Crimea.
  • Guerrillas try to identify and destroy enemy equipment and objects, including radio relay stations.

What is known about the new intelligence of partisans in Crimea

As noted, the "ATESH" agent discovered the location of P-419 in Rozdollenskoe district.

This station is intended for deployment of radio relay or cable lines of communication, branching of channels, for use as a radio insert on damaged or repaired cable lines of communication.

The exhibit is very valuable for rashists and is quite modern. It was adopted in 2018. The retrospective report of the life of this radio relay station has begun. How it will be destroyed will be a big surprise for the occupiers, the post says.

What is known about the situation in Crimea

Russian troops seized Crimea in 2014. After that, the invaders began to bring their air defence systems to the peninsula, turning this captured part of the territory of Ukraine into a significant and vital military hub.

In this context, the peninsula acquired even greater importance for Russians after the large-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

At the same time, the Ukrainian defense forces, knowing about the "supertask" of Crimea for Russia, do not lose the opportunity to strike at military facilities and places where the enemy's equipment and personnel are concentrated, air defense is no exception.

The other day, we reported that the partisans tracked the movement of air defense systems by the Russians to protect the bridge that connects the occupied Crimea with Russia. In addition, on May 13, the Russian air defence base on Mount Ai-Petri in Crimea came under attack.

Also, the occupiers began to build barriers to hide their air defence in Crimea.

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