DIU reveals list of destroyed Russian objects after explosions in occupied Dzhankoi
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DIU reveals list of destroyed Russian objects after explosions in occupied Dzhankoi

The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine

As a result of the attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the military airfield in Dzhankoi on the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimea, 4 S-400 air defence system launchers and several other objects were hit.

What are the losses of the Russian army as a result of the attack on the Dzhankoi airfield

The DIU reported that on April 17, as a result of a successful operation by the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the military airfield of the city of Jankoy in the temporarily occupied Crimea, the following were destroyed or critically damaged:

  • 4 S-400 SAM launchers;

  • Three radar stations;

  • air defence control point;

  • "Fundament-M" airspace surveillance equipment.

The number of damaged or destroyed enemy aviation facilities and the number of casualties among the personnel of the Russian army of occupation is being specified, the DIU reported.

What is known about the attack on the Dzhankoi airfield

On April 17, powerful explosions rang out in Dzhankoi, which is located in the north of the occupied Crimea. In addition, footage of a powerful fire that broke out near the airfield was published online.

There is a military airfield in Dzhankoi, which the Russians use. It is known from open sources that the 39th helicopter regiment of the 27th mixed aviation division of the 4th Air Force and Air Defense Command of the Southern Military District of the Russian Federation is based there. According to preliminary data, it is about three aviation squadrons.

The network also notes that the deployment of enemy anti-aircraft systems S-300/S-400 was recorded in Dzhankoi.

On April 17, the Crimean Wind Telegram channel, citing its sources, reported very significant losses among the occupiers' personnel.

According to our sources, about 30 Russian servicemen died and about 80 were wounded at the Dzhankoi airfield. Due to the lack of a sufficient number of places in the Dzhankoi hospital, the wounded are being transported by helicopters to Sevastopol for placement in 1472 VMCH, the message says.

The Russians said that the base was hit by an MGM-140 ATACMS missile and published photos of the wreckage.

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