F-16s to strengthen Ukrainian Air Force capabilities, US retired general says
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F-16s to strengthen Ukrainian Air Force capabilities, US retired general says

Source:  ArmyInform

According to US Army Reserve Lieutenant General David Deptula, the more F-16 fighter jets Ukraine receives from Western partners, the more it will strengthen the potential of the Armed Forces Air Force.

How the F-16 will affect the situation on the battlefield in Ukraine

Ukraine needs to prepare for the use of these aircraft in the number it receives now. F-16 will increase the potential of the Armed Forces Air Force. However, quantity matters. The more F-16s and the more advanced versions of the F-16 Ukraine can get, the stronger the armed forces will be in the future. Partner countries should increase the number of F-16 fighters provided to Ukraine; must provide advanced F-16 units as well as modern weapons for the F-16. This will be a continuation of strengthening the capabilities of the Air Force, — Deptula stressed.

The American general emphasised that currently, Ukraine needs to produce the maximum number of drones for effective use at the front.

In order to improve the use of drones in this war, the Armed Forces of Ukraine need to produce as many UAVs as possible with a long range and a significant combat load. This will make it possible to hit key targets in the Russian Federation and reduce the ability of the Russians to deploy their forces in Ukraine. The Russians cannot have inviolable goals, Deptula stressed.

What is known about the effectiveness of the Air Force in the war against the Russian army

Deptula noted that the aviation of the Ukrainian military is very effective in the criminal war unleashed by Russia.

Ukrainian aviation is very efficient. Proof of this is how well the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine defends your country. But all the Defense Forces of Ukraine — not only the PS — can be strengthened, firstly, by removing restrictions on the use of weapons provided by other countries, only on Ukrainian territory. This unnecessary and optional restriction creates a kind of inviolability for the Russians, which greatly helps them in waging an aggressive war against Ukraine. This restriction, in my opinion, violates the principles of warfare and should be canceled, — emphasised the American general.

He noted that joint military operations involving intelligence, special services, and the Defence Forces can achieve a significant effect.

Deptula added that high efficiency will also be ensured by appointing separate advisers from the Air Force, Navy, cyber units and special operations forces and uniting them all in the Armed Forces General Staff.

According to his conviction, such a united department will significantly increase the efficiency of aviation use.

According to the general, the more often the Ukrainian military will attack Russian airfields, command and control centres, communications, fuel, electricity generating facilities and other critical facilities for the Russian Federation, the greater the probability that Ukraine will achieve its goals.

Indeed, aviation has the potential to be decisive. But probably the best way for Ukraine to achieve its military goals is coordinated actions in all spheres: air, space, sea, land, cyberspace. This is how you can paralyse Russia's ability to continue aggression and crimes against the Ukrainian people, — Deptula stressed.

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