Russia's war against Ukraine: How Czech President Petr Pavel sees settlement
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Russia's war against Ukraine: How Czech President Petr Pavel sees settlement

Czech President Petr Pavel
Source:  Sky News

In an interview with Sky News, the Czech leader said that ‘it would be naive to assert that Ukraine will be able to regain the seized territories in the foreseeable future’.

How Pavel sees the settlement of the war started by Russia in Ukraine

The leader of the Czech Republic said in an interview with Sky News that "it would be naive to claim that Ukraine will be able to regain the captured territories in the foreseeable future."

Russia will not give up the occupied territories just like that. We need to stop the war and then start discussing the future order. This may be some kind of compromise, but not without the consent of Ukraine, Russia and the countries that will be the guarantors of this agreement.

In his post on social media, Pavel stressed that he has long emphasised the need to support Ukraine by all means in accordance with international law.

Part of this legitimate support is also increasing the supply of ammunition and military equipment to Ukraine, in particular through the Czech initiative to purchase shells.

Pavel also noted that Russia could end the war immediately, but it is not interested in doing so, as it hopes to achieve its goals. These are to invade Ukraine, remove its democratically elected government and demilitarise it.

However, Pawel stressed that military support for Ukraine does not preclude finding a solution to end the conflict. However, any future peace agreement must necessarily include Ukraine's consent and take into account its basic interests.

It is noted that it was the Czech president who accepted the invitation of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to attend a conference on peace in Ukraine in June.

What Ukraine's allies say about the end of the war

British Defence Minister Grant Shapps denied considering the idea of talks between Ukraine and Russia to end the Kremlin-instigated war. He emphasised that London will not push Ukraine to an unfair peace.

The US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken noted during his visit to Kyiv that Vladimir Putin hopes to win the war of attrition, but he is wrong, because time is on Ukraine's side.

The State Secretary also clarified that every month Ukraine signs more agreements on security guarantees, builds up the defence-industrial complex, receives more Western weapons and strengthens the economy.

At the same time, the US intelligence agencies were skeptical about the likelihood of a quick end to the war in Ukraine.

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