Israel takes revenge on Iran for massive attack: details
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Israel takes revenge on Iran for massive attack: details

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Source:  ABC News

On the morning of April 19, Israel retaliated against Iran. However, the American authorities said that they do not support such an act of revenge.

Israel struck Iran. First details

ABC News learned about the strikes from its anonymous sources.

Insiders say three explosions went off near a military base in northwestern Iran's Isfahan province.

It is important to understand that several Iranian nuclear facilities are located in Isfahan province.

Official Tehran decided to suspend flights over several cities after the Israeli attack.

Iran's air defense systems have been activated in several regions as a precaution against potential threats from the air. The state news agency IRNA said that after the activation of the air defense system, "no large-scale strikes or explosions caused by any aerial threat have been recorded so far."

In addition, it is emphasized that the attack took place a few hours after the head of the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, said:

If Israel resorts to further military action against Iran, the Iranian military response will be immediate and at the maximum level.

How the US reacted to the strikes by Israel

As CNN managed to find out, the US authorities did not support Israel's decision to take revenge on Iran for the recent mass attack.

According to one of the insiders, the official Tel Aviv warned Washington that it would respond to Iran in the coming days.

We did not approve the answer, an anonymous source told reporters.

Israel was considering how to respond to Iran's strikes with missiles and drones, the absolute majority of which were intercepted.

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