NATO reveals details of "bridge" for Ukraine's membership in Alliance
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NATO reveals details of "bridge" for Ukraine's membership in Alliance

Jens Stoltenberg

According to NATO Secretary General Jens Stollenberg, during a speech at the Alliance summit in Washington, a powerful aid package for Ukraine should become a "bridge" on the way to membership.

Points of attention

  • NATO command and training of soldiers to ensure the security of Ukraine is one of the elements of the aid package.
  • The support package includes long-term commitments, new military aid, security agreements and a training center in Poland.
  • The NATO Secretary General's statement on Ukraine's membership indicates agreement between allied countries and a strong message of support.
  • President Biden and other NATO member states will transfer new strategic air defense systems to Ukraine to strengthen defense capabilities.
  • NATO's joint efforts are aimed at creating conditions for Ukraine on the way to membership in the Alliance and strengthening its defense capabilities.

What will represent Ukraine's "bridge" on the way to NATO membership

Regarding Ukraine, I expect that the allies will approve a substantial aid package, which will consist of five elements, Stoltenberg stressed.

He noted that it is about:

  • NATO Command for Ukraine to provide security assistance and train soldiers;

  • long-term commitment to continue supporting Ukraine;

  • new announcements about immediate military aid, including in the matter of air defence;

  • new bilateral security agreements between NATO countries and Ukraine;

  • A step towards ensuring full operational interoperability between the armies of NATO and Ukraine, including a new training centre in Poland.

Taken together, these five elements constitute a powerful bridge for Ukraine to membership in the Alliance. I am sure that the allied countries will repeat their commitment that Ukraine will become a member of NATO, Stoltenberg explained.

He also promised that the partners would agree on a solid message to Ukraine regarding the prospects for NATO membership.

I expect the Allies to agree on a strong message regarding Ukraine's membership. As for the specific wording, I will refrain from commenting on this until the statement is agreed upon, Stoltenberg stressed.

What is known about additional air defence systems

According to Stoltenberg, after Zelenskyy's request, NATO allies worked hard to make decisions on the transfer of air defence.

And we have the announcement from President Biden and a number of other leaders yesterday that they will be able to deliver five new strategic air defence systems, from the United States, Italy, Romania, the Netherlands and one other NATO member. In addition, we will ensure that they will have more tactical air defense systems, including NASAMS, Stoltenberg emphasised.

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