Russia lacks ammunition and troops to start a large-scale summer offensive against Ukraine
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Russia lacks ammunition and troops to start a large-scale summer offensive against Ukraine

Russian army
Source:  Reuters

The NATO leadership concluded that the Russian invaders currently lack the ammunition and troops to launch a large-scale offensive in Ukraine, which was planned for the summer of 2024.

Points of attention

  • The Russian army is facing a shortage of resources to launch a large-scale offensive.
  • NATO declares the successes of the Armed Forces, in particular the improvement of defence capabilities.
  • Ukraine is focused on stockpiling ammunition and preparing for new operations.
  • The Russian Federation can maintain its military economy for three to four years.

Russia faced a shortage of resources for a breakthrough on front

The Alliance noted the frantic losses of the Russian occupiers at the front, which were the price of the enemy's attempts to retain small territorial gains.

The lack of manpower and ammunition confirms the fact that the Russian army is currently not ready for a large-scale offensive.

What they have to do is order understaffed, inexperienced units to move into areas to achieve unrealistic goals, a NATO insider told reporters.

Likely, the dictator Putin will soon try to secure significant supplies of munitions from other countries in addition to those he already receives from Iran and North Korea.

In addition, there is a high risk that the illegitimate president of the Russian Federation will issue an order for a new large-scale mobilization, because even those 30,000 soldiers who strengthen the enemy's army every month turned out to be insufficient for a breakthrough at the front.

How NATO assesses the success of the Armed Forces

The Alliance draws attention to the fact that Ukrainian defence has improved significantly, despite the fact that the Armed Forces have also lost many of their soldiers.

According to a NATO insider, "it will take some time" before Ukraine accumulates enough ammunition and prepares its fighters for new large-scale offensive operations.

It is also important to understand that the aggressor country of the Russian Federation will be able to maintain its military economy for another three or four years.

China continues to provide Russia with critical components" for drones, missiles and the Russian defense industry, the Alliance warned.

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