Powerful explosion rocked occupied Donetsk — video
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Powerful explosion rocked occupied Donetsk — video

Source:  online.ua

On May 29, a loud explosion rang out in Donetsk. The occupiers claim that the city was allegedly shelled.

What is known about explosions in Donetsk

As noted in social networks, the explosion occurred in the Kyiv district of occupied Donetsk.

Russian propaganda channels report that there were allegedly casualties as a result of the explosion. There is currently no information about the consequences.

What is known about the explosions in Donetsk and Luhansk

It should be noted that there are frequent explosions in the temporarily occupied Donetsk. In particular, on May 11, there was a hit at a restaurant where enemy soldiers were located.

It was written on the network that the Ukrainian defenders allegedly launched a missile strike with the help of HIMARS multi-rocket launch systems.

Also on May 7, explosions rocked occupied Luhansk. The Russian occupiers said that the Armed Forces allegedly hit the oil depot with ATACMS missiles.

After that, videos of a large-scale fire in the occupied city began to be published online.

It was also reported about five alleged victims, all of them oil depot workers. A gas pipeline also caught fire. It should be noted that the fire at the oil depot in Luhansk lasted for about a day.

In addition, on May 10, explosions rang out in the temporarily occupied Rovenki in Luhansk region, and there were reports of a fire at an oil depot.

Rivenki is located in the deep rear of the occupied Luhansk region — 110 km from the front line. The city has been occupied since 2014.

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