Russia launched psychological operations during its offensive in Kharkiv region 2 months ago — analysts
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Russia launched psychological operations during its offensive in Kharkiv region 2 months ago — analysts

Russian occupiers

Russian propaganda started a psychological operation (PSYOP) even before the offensive in the Kharkiv region. However, on May 10, the number of enemy PSYOP increased significantly.

Russia launched the PSYOP regarding the attack on the Kharkiv region back in March

Russian propagandists "inflated" the information space in advance with disinformation about the offensive on Kharkiv and the region.

Serhii Zhukov, an analyst at the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security, said this on the air of the telethon.

Already in March, the occupiers began a psychological operation of information support of the hostilities in the north of the Kharkiv region, which began on May 10.

However, according to the analyst, it was yesterday that an increase in the number of scams and fakes was recorded, which were aimed specifically at Kharkiv, at residents of the city and region and, in particular, related to the Kharkiv region in general.

As for the media coverage of yesterday's fighting, which is likely to continue today, the Russian military network and other media channels used to disseminate such information reported that the Russian army was successfully advancing, had taken some settlements, dug in, captured a huge number of Ukrainian soldiers, they were fleeing, leaving their positions, Kharkiv was about to be captured, etc.

The analyst explained that with such messages, the Russians want to spread panic, exaggerate their successes, and demotivate and demoralise both civilians and the military.

According to Zhukov, this is a standard practice of hostilities.

Circumventing manoeuvres and combat reconnaissance can be used to mislead the enemy. Any military action has information support. We must always be prepared for this.

Zhukov emphasised that it is necessary, first of all, to focus on official reports and to ignore those omissions made by the Russian side.

What is the situation in the border region of the Kharkiv region

The Ukrainian military continues to oppose the Russian army, which has become more active in the border regions of the Kharkiv region.

According to Nazar Voloshyn, the spokesman of the Khortytsia military unit, defensive battles are currently ongoing.

Countermeasures are underway in the areas of Liptsy and Vovchansk. The enemy is using infantry and equipment there. Fighting also continues in the border areas, in the vicinity of those settlements that are actually in the grey zone — Stryleche, Pylyna and Borysivka, as well as in the Oliynykivka and Ohirtseve districts.

In addition, according to the speaker, the defence forces are operating on prepared firing lines, and fire damage is being carried out against the occupants who have wedged themselves into the defence of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

There is also a decision of the management to strengthen the units of the Armed Forces, which is already being implemented, Voloshyn stated.

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