Russia lost over 90% of its personnel during offensive in Kharkiv region, AFU officer says
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Russia lost over 90% of its personnel during offensive in Kharkiv region, AFU officer says

Source:  ArmyInform

As reported by the Chief of Staff, Deputy Commander of Kharkiv Operation Task Group, Colonel Viktor Solimchuk, the Russian invaders involved 10,350 people in offensive operations in the border areas of the Kharkiv region, which began two months ago.

Points of attention

  • The Russian army suffered heavy losses during the offensive in the Kharkiv region, with 2,939 killed, 6,509 wounded, and 45 occupiers surrendered.
  • Estimated losses of the Russians in this direction reached approximately 91%.
  • Despite heavy losses, the Russian occupiers are actively recruiting units and using volunteer brigades, maintaining a serious offensive potential.

The Russian army failed another offensive in Ukraine

The officer officially confirmed that as of the beginning of July, the losses of the Russian occupiers reached:

  • 2939 killed,

  • 6509 wounded.

  • 45 occupiers surrendered.

Viktor Solimchuk noted that the estimated losses of the Russian army in this direction are approximately 91%.

It is also important to understand that during this period the enemy lost most of its 138th Motorised Rifle Brigade in Vovchansk, as well as "drained" the 83rd and 157th tank regiments.

Their 83rd Airborne Assault Brigade also constantly suffers losses, sometimes several dozen people a day, which is confirmed both by prisoners and radio interceptions, the military added.

The Russian occupiers do not plan to surrender yet

Despite the insane losses of the Russian army, the command of the occupying forces is actively withdrawing units from other directions, using reserves, and attracting so-called volunteer orthodox communist-fascist brigades.

It is also impossible to ignore the fact that the invaders still have a rather severe offensive potential.

The Russian Federation's army is constantly regrouping, restoring forces and logistics, and training assault groups continues in the rear.

We are aware of the power of the occupying forces, we understand their intentions. And our soldiers, artillery and drones make significant and tangible adjustments to the enemy's plans. All his attempts to increase efforts and expand the area of control are unsuccessful, Viktor Solimchuk concluded.

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