Russia plans to move Buyan-M missile ships from Baltic to Black Sea
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Russia plans to move Buyan-M missile ships from Baltic to Black Sea

Source:  Espresso

The aggressor country has the technical ability to transfer ships from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea.

Russia may send Buyan-M missile ships to the Black Sea

The Russian Federation may find additional ways to transfer ships from the Baltic to the Black Sea.

Military expert and chief editor of Defense Express Oleg Katkov reported this on the Espresso TV channel's air.

The ship of the "Buyan-M" class in the Russian Federation was designed to be able to capsize and move through inland waterways. The fact is that a vast network of canals was created in Russia even during the times of the USSR, and there are large rivers. Therefore, technically, the enemy has the opportunity to transfer ships to the Black Sea. It is not only about the transfer from the Caspian flotilla, as before the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, but also from the Baltic Sea.

Oleg Katkov

Oleg Katkov

Military expert

The expert commented on the fire on the missile ship "Sierpukhov" in the Baltic Sea.

This is a small missile ship of the "Buyan-M" project, the smallest "Caliber" missile carrier that the Russian Federation has. He is in the Black Sea, in the Baltic Fleet. That is, these are quite well-known ships that directly cover the capabilities of launching Kalibr cruise missiles. Again, the question is how the Russian Federation was going to transfer it to the Black Sea in the conditions when Turkey blocked the Bosphorus, so that no Russian ships could leave the Black Sea in any way, and so that the enemy would not have the opportunity to strengthen his Black Sea group. It is about the transfer of "Buyan-M" from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. But as we can see, it is technically possible.

The DIU revealed the details of the hit Russian ship "Serpukhov"

The Russian missile ship "Serpukhov", decommissioned in the Baltic, wanted to be transferred to the Black Sea due to losing part of the Black Sea Fleet.

Given the losses of the Black Sea Fleet, such compensation scenarios are considered by the enemy. But overturning ships is quite complicated. It is clear that Turkey does not let warships pass. There are other logistical ways, but they are difficult and long, said the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine (DIU) speaker Andriy Yusov.

According to the DIU representative, the fact that the ship burned out means that it remains afloat, but the modern technological equipment is out of order and damaged, and it will take a long time to repair the ship.

The DIU representative added that there are no safe places for military facilities on the Russian Federation's territory.

In any case, the expansion of the actual theater of operations for Russian fleets is good news, Yusov said.

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