Russia starts new confiscations of Ukrainians' property in occupied territories
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Russia starts new confiscations of Ukrainians' property in occupied territories

Russian army

The Russian occupiers created a procedure for nationalising residents' real estate at the Zaporizhzhia region's TOT.

Russia has started a new wave of confiscation of the property of Ukrainians in the occupied territories

It is known that most of the residents were forced to leave the region after the occupation. The invaders have started a new wave of the property confiscation process with subsequent transfer to "their cronies".

According to the approved procedure, the enemy can declare the premises "ownerless" if the owner has not re-registered it according to Russian rules, or if the address has not been paid for utilities for a year.

Now, all real estate owners have 30 days to re-register their ownership. Of course, most of the population that left the cities will be unable to do this. Thus, the Russians will simply seize housing.

Human rights activists reminded that all Russian rules are legally invalid. Therefore, as of February 24, 2022, all homeowners will remain so, regardless of the documents issued by local authorities.

Graduates of TOT cannot receive diplomas without Russian passports

In the temporarily occupied Melitopol of the Zaporizhzhia region, the pseudo-government has banned the issuance of school certificates if the graduate's family does not have passports.

Activists have established that the Russians have instructed schools not to issue certificates of secondary education if the graduate or members of his family do not have a Russian passport.

This once again proves that the occupiers are ready for anything so that as many residents as possible receive the passport of the terrorist country to increase their potential mobilization reserve! — the "Yellow Ribbon" movement statement says.

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