Russian army attacks TV infrastructure in Kharkiv
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Russian army attacks TV infrastructure in Kharkiv

The Russian army attacks Kharkiv

The occupying army of the Russian Federation attacked Kharkiv in the afternoon on April 22 and damaged the television tower in the city.

What is known about the consequences of another attack by the Russian army on Kharkiv

According to the mayor of the city, Igor Terekhov, and representatives of the police, at first there was a loud explosion in Kharkiv.

The head of Kharkiv RMA , Oleg Syniegubov, noted that Russian war criminals targeted the television tower in Kharkiv.

During the air alert, employees were in shelter, so there were no victims among people. However, there are interruptions with the digital TV signal.

Once again, we appeal to citizens: trust only official sources of information, — Syniegubov said.

What is known about the consequences of the latest army attacks in the Kharkiv region

According to Syniegubov, during Monday, April 22, the criminal army of the Russian Federation launched rocket attacks on Kharkiv and injured civilians.

About 15 settlements of the Kharkiv region were hit by enemy artillery and mortar attacks: Veterynarne, Gatishche, Pletenivka and others. Kharkiv was hit by air strikes.

On April 21, at 3:31 p.m., a house was damaged in the city of Vovchansk as a result of enemy shelling from multiple rocket-propelled grenades.

During the past day, the enemy did not conduct offensive actions within the region in the Kupyansk direction.

During the day in Kharkiv region, established groups of explosives technicians demined 11.85 hectares of territory and destroyed 127 explosive objects.

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