Russian Western Siberia begins to flood after dam breach in Orsk
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Russian Western Siberia begins to flood after dam breach in Orsk

flooding of Russia

More and more settlements of the aggressor country of the Russian Federation are under water as a result of large-scale floods and dam breaks. This time the flood covered western Siberia.

Siberia is also going underwater

As reported by local telegram channels, the flood has already reached Western Siberia, and three regions are currently flooded.

The water level in the Tom River, on which Tomsk and Kemerovo are located, has risen significantly.

More than 100 houses were flooded in Tomsk region, three settlements were cut off from the city. In the Kemerovo region, the Mrassu river burst its banks, and the village of Ust-Kabirza was flooded. In the video, residents say that the water washed away livestock, buildings and household equipment. In the Novosibirsk region, 200 plots were flooded.

In addition, it is reported that the preventive evacuation of the population from some settlements has started in the Tyumen region.

Local authorities are warning about a possible breach of dams that protect large settlements; they are being strengthened.

The situation may worsen significantly on April 20, and the peak of the flood will occur on April 23-25.

What is known about the flooding of Russia

The flood in Russia continues, and more and more regions are being flooded.

According to the latest data, on the morning of April 12, the Russian authorities had to evacuate the village of Kaminsky in the Kurgan region of Russia. It was there that the water level rose by 1.4 meters overnight.

According to the local governor, Vadim Shumkov, the flood may soon reach Kurgan.

Moreover, it is reported that in Orenburg, the water level in the Ural River has risen to 1143 cm, and the flood has reached apartment buildings. About 3,000 more houses were flooded overnight in the Orenburg region, and mass evacuations are underway.

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