Two more Russian regions begin to flood due to dam breach in Orsk
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Two more Russian regions begin to flood due to dam breach in Orsk


In the Tomsk region of Russia, the water level in the Tom River rose sharply, as a result of which the roads and houses in the villages near the regional center were flooded, as well as houses in the neighboring Kemerovo region of the Russian Federation.

Water rose in two regions of the Russian Federation after the dam breach

The Russian media reports that the raging floods in Russia have also reached the Tomsk region. The water level in the Tom River rose seriously during the day, flooding roads and several dozen houses in the villages near Tomsk. The regional centre itself has not yet been affected.

It is also reported that the village of Ust-Kabirza in the neighbouring Kemerovo region of the Russian Federation was partially flooded — 44 households were underwater, and more than 70 people were taken to temporary accommodation points.

In the city of Orenburg, in the Orenburg region of the Russian Federation, authorities are fighting to prevent water from reaching the high-rise buildings of the local residential complex, "Grand Park" According to the authorities, water dams are being relocated there.

In another city of the Orenburg Region, Orsk, the level of the Ural River has allegedly dropped slightly. It is reported that the water has receded from 820 houses, but about 6,000 houses are still flooded.

What is known about the breach of the dam in Orsk

On April 5, a dam burst in the Orenburg region of Russia, and several settlements were at risk of flooding.

Due to the threat of flooding, a state of emergency was introduced in the region, but the residents of only certain streets were evacuated.

On April 7, the refinery's work was suspended due to flooding after a second dam broke in Orsk, Russia. The water had already reached another large city, Orenburg.

On April 8, in Orsk, amid the dam breach and flooding of the city, residents outraged by the inaction of the authorities began to threaten to secede from Russia.

In particular, the city residents accused the Russian authorities, who quickly organised the supply of water to the territory of the occupied Crimea. Still, the people of Orsk were left to their own devices.

The Kremlin believes the flood forecast is unfavourable, and the water level will continue to rise.

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