SSU drones hit Russian radar in Crimea worth $100 million
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SSU drones hit Russian radar in Crimea worth $100 million

Source:  Ukrainian Pravda

Security Service of Ukraine drones attacked the Nebo-SVU long-range radar detection complex. The cost of the complex is 100 million dollars.

SSU drones hit a valuable radar of Russian army in Crimea

According to sources, the enemy radar was hit by drones, which are the own development of military counterintelligence of the Ukrainian special service.

This radar station near Armyansk controlled a 380 kilometres section of the front, ensuring the protection of enemy facilities on the territory of Crimea.

According to the source, after the attack by the SSU drone, space reconnaissance equipment recorded that the radar emission was switched off and no longer detected.

What is known about attack on Crimea on night of May 29-30

As a result of the massive attack on Crimea on the night of May 30, seven targets related to the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation were hit.

Informed sources say that 4 boats, 2 ferries and a pilot boat were affected by the missile attack. These vessels are damaged or destroyed. 5 people were injured.

In addition to the pilot boat "Mriya", which sank due to damage caused by falling rocket fragments, the ferry "Konro Trader" and the ferry "Avangard" were damaged. The latter ran aground due to damage.

One of the crew members, Roman Stas, was injured on the Konro Trader ferry, and he is undergoing surgery right now.

In total, the losses of the aggressor state of Russia from the attack by the Ukrainian Magura V5 marine attack drones amounted to four KS-701 "Tunets" high-speed transport landing craft. The occupiers used the specified means for logistics and patrolling the water area near the temporarily occupied peninsula, the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine (DIU) said in a statement.

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