Two ships collided in Russian St. Petersburg - video
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Two ships collided in Russian St. Petersburg - video


On May 26, a shipwreck occurred in St. Petersburg, Russia. One pleasure boat rammed another.

Russian ships crashed into each other in St. Petersburg

According to Russian media, the incident in St. Petersburg on the Neva occurred under the Lyvarny Bridge.

It is noted that the engine ship named "Solaris" hit the bow part of the "Chaika-LNG" excursion ship and broke through the structures on board the damaged ship.

There is currently no data on possible victims due to the collision of motor ships one on one.

The Russian agency said that the circumstances of the event and its causes are being investigated.

The St. Petersburg Transport Prosecutor's Office coordinates the work of the water police to establish all the circumstances, will check the implementation of the legislation on traffic safety in the operation of water transport and respect for the rights of passengers, will evaluate the actions of the responsible persons, and if there are grounds, will take prosecutorial response measures Other incidents with Russian ships

What is known about other incidents involving Russian ships?

On May 14, a fire broke out on the upper deck of the M.V. Lomonosov motor ship in the Arkhangelsk region of Russia.

Before that, in April, a fire broke out in Primorye on the multi-functional supply ship "Kateryna Velikaya" of the IBSV 10022 AH project. This ship was considered "pride" in the Russian Federation.

In addition, before that, in April, the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine (DIU) reported that the Russian missile ship "Serpukhov" was damaged during a fire.

Earlier in March, Russian mass media reported on the fire on the trawler "Captain Lobanov" and that the vessel sank in the Baltic Sea. Later, it became known that it went to the bottom as a result of being hit by a missile during training of the Russian Navy and that three people died and four more were injured.

In the same month, the Andromeda Star tanker from the "shadow fleet" of vessels assembled for the transportation of Russian oil collided with another ship near the coast of Denmark.

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