UK rejects idea of Ukraine and Russia peace talks, British Defence Secretary says
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UK rejects idea of Ukraine and Russia peace talks, British Defence Secretary says

Grant Shapps
Source:  Politico

British Defence Secretary Grant Shapps denied considering the idea of negotiations between Ukraine and the Russian Federation to end the criminal war unleashed by the Kremlin.

Shapps promises further support for Ukraine in the war from Great Britain

Journalists note that the head of the British Foreign Secretary, David Cameron, discussed the idea of negotiations between Ukraine and Russia to end the war during a meeting with former US President Donald Trump in April.

There is no point in Britain trying to persuade Ukraine, by force or otherwise, to give up part of its territory. This decision is entirely up to Ukraine. I don't think it is at all implausible for Putin to win this war. And it is important that he will not do it, Shapps noted in this regard.

UK does not encourage Ukraine to negotiate with Russia

The article's authors emphasise that the comments of the British Defence Secretary are aimed at putting an end to speculations about Cameron's meeting with Trump in April.

It is right that we provide both military aid and moral clarity that it is always unacceptable for an autocrat to attack a neighboring democratic country. We must fully stand behind them to push Russia out of their entire territory, Shapps emphasised.

The article notes that the ruling Labor Party also supported the idea of continued support for Ukraine.

So, shadow foreign secretary David Lammy and shadow defense secretary John Gealy visited Kyiv to express what they called "ironclad commitment".

When asked about the press rumours, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said he had not seen the publication but stressed that London's position had not changed and that "Putin must be defeated."

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