US Senate gets one step closer to approve military aid for Ukraine
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US Senate gets one step closer to approve military aid for Ukraine

Source:  CNN

On February 11, the US Senate came close to final approval of a package bill on additional funding for national security issues, including Ukraine.

The issue of approving aid to Ukraine in the US is moving forward

Journalists draw attention to the fact that the 95.3 billion-dollar project is now being voted on without the part related to measures to curb migration from Mexico.

What is essential to understand is that he is combining large-scale aid for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan and funds for humanitarian assistance to the people of Palestine.

The promotion of the project was supported on February 11 by 67 votes to 27, including 18 Republican votes, despite the appeal of Donald Trump.

In addition, it is emphasized that this is one vote more than in the previous procedural vote.

I can't recall another time when the Senate was in session on Super Bowl Sunday. But as we have been saying all week, we will continue to work on this project until it is completed.

Chuck Schumer

Chuck Schumer

US Senator

As the journalists managed to find out, the date of the final vote has not yet been chosen.

According to the predictions of Democratic Senator Chris Murphy, the Senate will finally approve the project in the first half of this week.

As previously mentioned, the bill is being considered without the part that deals with the thorniest issue of the southern border after Republicans blocked the original bill.

Aid to Ukraine. The Netherlands announced a new proposal

The Dutch MOD chief, Kajsa Ollongren, recently stated that the allies of official Kyiv should finally create and adopt an action plan, according to which military support for Ukraine will no longer have restrictions.

When it comes to conventional weapons, training and spare parts, there should be no restrictions on supporting Ukraine at all, she emphasized.

Kaisa Ollongren believes that Kyiv's partners have evolved regarding assistance to Ukraine but still need strengthening.

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